Photo Journal

RC Plane
Photos of a hand launch of an electric powered radio controlled (RC) plane A small electric powered RC plane takes off. Mount Utsayantha is in the distance.
Schalk’s Falls to Devils Kitchen
Schalk’s Falls is a roadside waterfall, and these photos were taken from the bridge that crosses the waterway of Plattekill Creek.
Upper Platte Clove- Waterfall
I started from the 100 year old stone bridge that crosses Hells Hole Creek and climbed down through Hells Hole from Devils Kitchen. At the bottom is a tall waterfall.
Blenheim Bridge
Old Blenheim Bridge was a wooden covered bridge that spanned Schoharie Creek in North Blenheim, New York. With an open span of 210 feet, it had the longest span of …
RC Plane
The image below is a multiplicity photograph of an hand launch of an electric RC Plane. The photo below was taken in 2006. Other similar multiplicity photos of a RC Plane.
Haverly Falls and Creamery Falls
After speaking with a local farmer from Bleinheim- he directed us to Haverly Falls and another waterfall located on Richard Road.
Mount Utsayantha
Photographs from Mount Utsayantha from July 16, 2006. A new light was placed on the building that is located on top of Mount Utsayantha. Photographs of the sunset from Mount Utsayantha …
May 22, 2006- On this day Sparky chased a bull across our field into the next. A bull broke loose from a local farm and the bull traveled onto our land to …
Kaaterskill Falls Trail 360VR
A 360 degree image from the trail that leads to Kaaterskill Falls taken during the Fall season with the leaves changing color and falling to the ground.
Devils Kitchen 360VR
Photograph taken in 2005. The 360 image contains approximately 38 photographs to form the full 360-degree view. Press the ‘Play’ button within the image to continue. 360 VR Instructions: Hold down the …
Ashley Falls 360
Ashley Falls is located within the North Lake South Lake Campgrounds.
Lower Platte Clove Hike
The early part of the unmarked trail is very easy and one can reach 4 or 5 waterfalls within an easy 30-minute walk.
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