Photo Journal

Red Falls
Red Falls was a terrific roadside waterfall and waterhole for swimming. It now has a strict enforcement of ‘No Parking’ along the nearby roadway and ‘No Trespassing’ of the area.
Mount Utsayantha
A Mom and Dad holding their child in a spontaneous moment overlooking a great view as the sun sets over Stamford on Mount Utsayantha.
Kaaterskill Falls
View more photographs of Kaaterskill Falls on this Kaaterskill Falls CatskillSearch page.
Diamond Notch Falls Walkway Bridge 360
This is the pedestrian walkway bridge that crosses over the Westkill just above Diamond Notch Falls. This bridge was destroyed by Hurricane Irene in 2011.
Platte Clove Road
The ever-changing signs of Platte Clove Road. Along with a car wreck and the upper majestic waterfalls of Platte Clove from the road.
Mount Utsayantha (Hang Glider)
The view of Stamford NY from Mount Utsayantha is beautiful. There is also a restored Fire Tower located on the top of the mountain to climb.
The Massacre Historic Sign (Harpersfield NY)
The McKee Massacre at Odell Lake- Mrs. McKee and her children were massacred by Tories and Indians during the Revolution. One daughter Anne was spared and taken to Fort Niagara. She…
Sacred Heart-Immaculate Conception Church
Sacred Heart-Immaculate Conception Church is located on Route 18 in Haines Falls. On this day I took several photos of a beautiful sunset. I exposed a photo for the sky…
On this day the clouds in the sky looked very nice. I snapped a few photos.
Devils Kitchen
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