Photo Journal

Red Falls
Red Falls used to be a highly trafficked swimming area for people. It was known as a swimming hole.
Stony Clove Branch (Chichester)
A washout of a former bridge of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad along the Stony Clove Branch occurred during Hurricane Irene. The destruction was near the town of Chichester.
Charlotte Creek Crossing
The former Ulster and Delaware Railroad crossed Charlotte Creek at two different locations. The first bridge still stands. The other does not.
Art Flick
“Art loved the Schohaire. Here he helped establish the first “Fish-For-Fun” area in New York State and secured many miles of public fishing rights.”
South Gilboa (Catskill Scenic Trail)
A short walk along former railbed of the the Ulster and Delaware Railroad that is now the Catskill Scenic Trail. The colors of Fall are out and Winter fast approaches.
Each picture tells a story. Over time Prattsville becomes bigger, better and stronger.
Platte Clove
The road sign (that has been mentioned prior) has recently received vandalism. Fall foliage is near its peak.
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