Photo Journal

Kaaterskill Falls
A photo gallery of Kaaterskill Falls from September 9, 2012.
Mount Utsayantha
A few photos from Mount Utsayantha taken on different night falls in early September 2012.
From the Top of Kaaterskill Falls
In 1826 Thomas Cole painted a scene that was named “From the Top of Kaaterskill Falls”. These photographs are a spirit of his 1826 painting.
Rainbow over Schoharie Creek
While driving east along Route 23 near Stamford storm clouds were overhead. A constant storm system has been passing through the Catskills for the past several days.
Platte Clove/ Kaaterskill Falls
A day of exploring Platte Clove and Hell’s Hole Creek was planned. Unfortunately due to rain and thunder deep exploration as intended of Platte Clove was cut short.
Grand Gorge: East and West Side
Currently two eateries are for-sale along Route 23 in Grand Gorge. The ‘Hitching Post Inn’ located on the east side and ‘Sundaes Restaurant & Dairy Freeze’ located on the west…
Roadways, Bridges, Homes
Roadways, Bridges, Homes- Destruction from the Hurricane. Click on the first image below. Each image has a short description and are ordered to form a short narrative.
Mountain Drive-In (Hunter NY)
The Mountain Drive-In located in Hunter, NY is currently abandoned and is on the real estate market to be sold.
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