Photo Journal

Platte Clove/ Kaaterskill Falls
A day of exploring Platte Clove and Hell’s Hole Creek was planned. Unfortunately due to rain and thunder deep exploration as intended of Platte Clove was cut short.
Grand Gorge: East and West Side
Currently two eateries are for-sale along Route 23 in Grand Gorge. The ‘Hitching Post Inn’ located on the east side and ‘Sundaes Restaurant & Dairy Freeze’ located on the west …
Roadways, Bridges, Homes
Roadways, Bridges, Homes- Destruction from the Hurricane. Click on the first image below. Each image has a short description and are ordered to form a short narrative.
Mountain Drive-In (Hunter NY)
The Mountain Drive-In located in Hunter, NY is currently abandoned and is on the real estate market to be sold.
Hunter 9/11 Memorial
Two steel towers from the World Trade Center with an American flag flying above with a bronze plaque has been built in Dolan’s Lake Park.
Route 23: Red Falls
Re-Construction of Route 23 along Red Falls has been completed. Route 23 along Red Falls and Batiava Kill Creek was completely destroyed because of Irene.
Pratt Rock
A quick hike to the top of Pratt Rock from Route 23.
Prattsville NY
On August, 28. 2011, Hurricane Irene caused record flooding in Prattsville NY by the Schoharie Creek, causing major damage and destroying large areas of Prattsville.
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