Photo Journal

Tribute in Light 2011
The Tribute in Light is an installation of 88 searchlights placed next to the site of the World Trade Center to create two vertical columns of light in remembrance of…
Sphinx Rock
Sphinx Rock stands guard over the upper clove above Molly Smith’s parking area.
Mount Utsayantha Sunset over Stamford
Decided to drive to Mount Utsayantha as the clouds looked very lovely throughout the day. I arrived at the top of Mount Utsayantha about 30 minutes before this particular image…
Ulster and Delaware Railroad- Mile Marker 67
The former Ulster and Delaware Railroad right of way is now called the Catskill Scenic Trail near the towns of Grand Gorge and Stamford. These photos showcase Mile Marker 67…
Lucy, Jack, and Miko
Miko first appeared on CatskillSearch (via Yellowecho) back in 2005 and Jack premiered on CatskillSearch in 2008. Both Miko and Jack are a different neighbor’s dog. Both dogs are very…
Mount Utsayantha
This is my second favorite cloud cover over Stamford that I have captured. Favorite
Trip Report 2010
Highlighted photographs and blog posts from 2010.
Platte Clove Road Signs
The road signs at top of Platte Clove Road have again changed. Below are several photos taken at night. The first 3 photos were taken at top of Platte Clove…
Inspiration Point and Sunset Rock
From the blue blazed trail we then proceeded on a yellow marked trail. This trail took us to Sunset Rock and Inspiration Point.
Boulder Rock and Boot Jack Rock
Both Walton Van Loan and Vly Rusk use an alternate spelling for Boulder Rock on their Catskill maps from the 1800s.
Platte Clove Artist-in-Residence Cabin
“The Platte Clove cabin sits where mountain and valley meet, providing a tranquil and rustic workplace and retreat for artists working in a variety of disciplines in the living landscape…
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