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As time progresses and as technology progresses this website progresses and expands. It went online in 2007 (with photos from 2004 through 2007 initially). The earliest photos now online taken by CatskillSearch date to approx 1978. As the Catskills change and update- the past daily blog posts on this website now change and update.

The below-listed posts have recently been updated- the update may consist of new present-day photos to compare to the past, updated information for web users landing on the older page from a search engine, larger photographs to showcase the image in a better light, or just simple corrections from many posts spanning 10 years.


Pratt Rock 360VR

Pratt Rock, also known as Pratt's Rock, is a rockface or other landform that includes a series of stone carvings in Prattsville, New York depicting the life of Zadock Pratt. (Source: Pratt Rock) Along […]

Sundaes (Grand Gorge)

2015- Sundae's open for Prime Rib. 2014- Sundae's was rebuilt after a fire in 2013 destroyed the building. 2013- 'The Mountain Eagle'- An early morning fire destroyed Sundaes Restaurant and Tasty Freeze on state Route […]

Mount Utsayantha

Photographs from Mount Utsayantha from July 16, 2006. A new light was placed on the building that is located on top of Mount Utsayantha. Photographs of the sunset from Mount Utsayantha taken over a couple […]