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This past summer I purchased two books, Catskill Region Waterfall Guide and the Catskill Mountain Guide. With the two new books and a map, I explored several areas of the Catskills new to me.

August 12, 2005

Article was updated on January 3, 2021

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This past summer I purchased two books from (Catskill Region Waterfall Guide and Catskill Mountain Guide) regarding the Catskill Park & Forest Preserve. My family has been exploring the Catskills for over 30 years to get to our cabin located just north of the Catskills. With the two new books and a map, I explored several areas of the Catskills new to me.

On one of my lone trips I walked to Plattekill Falls which is located in Platte Clove Preserve in the town of West Saugerties. Plattekill Falls is a waterfall that measures over 70 feet high and has an official trail. The hike to the falls is very simple and it brings one down to the base of Plattekill Falls. After taking several photos of Plattekill Falls I then walked further along the stream. It takes a bit of climbing over very big boulders and walls of stone but at end is another waterfall that probably measures over 100 feet in height. This time I was not at the base of a waterfall but at the top of a waterfall. I was a bit skittish to stand very close to the top of the falls as it took some climbing to get to the actual top (of the waterfall). Plus I was alone and the rocks were very wet. Upon further research I believe this waterfall is named Bridal Veil Falls.

After exploration along with other nearby areas of Platte Clove, I spoke to my father a few days later about this fantastic rocky place. He seemed a bit skeptical as to the existence and the way I described it. So a week later we explored the area together. Upon reaching Plattekill Falls we met a young couple. Since they were at the waterfall first and to give them privacy we traveled further along the stream to Bridal Veil Falls and beyond.  This was the rugged area I wanted to show my Father.

This time I made it to the end of the falls (the top of Bridal Veil Falls) and looked over the ravine known as Platte Clove. The ravine is so very steep and a fall from the top of falls would mean certain death due to the height and the rocks below. After exploring the area and taking several photos we made it back to the base of the original falls, Plattekill Falls. We spoke to the couple and found out the couple just got engaged under Plattekill Falls from the time we first saw them and now. I was fortunate enough to photograph a few photos of the newly engaged couple under Plattekill Falls after hearing the great news.

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About Plattekill Falls:

Plattekill Falls is a large, plunging waterfall exceeding 70 feet in height, formed near the top of Platte Clove. Plattekill Falls is contained in a section of the ravine where steep walls loom to the south and sloping walls extend to the north. Just above the top of Plattekill Falls are several small cascades that are not visible below. (Catskill Region Waterfall Guide by Russell Dunn)

Platte Clove Photo

The photo below is of me standing on Platte Clove Road. Approx date would be mid November 1982 or 1983. During this time period our family called it- “The Mountain Road”. Platte Clove Road in recent times has seen an substantial amount of increased traffic.

My father along Plattekill Creek between Bridal Veil Falls and Plattekill Falls. This photo helps to demonstrate the size of the boulders. Larger boulders are found within Platte Clove below Bridal Veil Falls.

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