Ashley Falls 360

Ashley Falls is located within the North Lake South Lake Campgrounds.

October 28, 2005

Article was updated on June 27, 2022

The image is a 360-degree photo taken from the middle ledge of Ashley Falls. The graffiti is unfortunately real as the North-South Lake Campground is a very popular spot, especially during the Summer months. My father is standing in the photo.

The 360 is currently in Flash format so it is not available for Apple mobile viewing.

360 VR Instructions: Hold down the left mouse button inside the image and then drag your mouse to change the viewpoint. You can move up to shift the view towards the sky, down to shift the view towards the ground, and left or right to scan around in a full circle. Nearly all of my 360 image are capable of viewing fullscreen on your computer screen. Be sure to left click on the far right icon to enable the fullscreen feature.

Photo Gallery of Ashley Falls:

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