May 22, 2006

Article was updated on December 27, 2020

May 22, 2006- On this day Sparky chased a bull across our field into the next. A bull broke loose from a local farm and the bull traveled onto our land to graze without our knowledge. When I walked out from the front door of my home and walked into the field unknowingly,  I laid eyes on the wild bull. I was very surprised to see such a large animal. I was already a sizable distance away from the house and could not run back. The bull was aggressive and starred as if it wanted to charge me. Sparky gave a bark as he caught up next to me- Sparky also was a bit surprised. I never saw a bull on our land. Chickens, deer, turkey, and other non aggressive wild animals. Surprisingly the Bull ran away and Sparky gave chase to the bull across the field as it fled. It fled from the bark of Sparky into the next field over a stone wall and the tree line.

The bull ran away from Sparky and Sparky gave chase across the field into the next field. The bull did not return. Sparky came back wagging his tail in pride and excitement.

The next day passed and the sun did set- as is every day.

Sparky passed away during his sleep. He was 16.

The day before Sparky passed away. Sparky chased a bull from our field and the bull ran away from our field.

Sparky lived to late 16 years old- maybe 17 years.

Our family adapted Sparky from the local pound when he was between 1-2 years old. The previous family gave up on ‘Sparky’ (previous name unknown) because he could not get along with cats.

These photos of Sparky is his last when he was late 16 maybe 17 years old. The bottom photo helps shows the field Sparky chased the Bull across.

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