Haverly Falls and Creamery Falls

July 16, 2006

After speaking with a local farmer from Bleinheim- he directed us to Haverly Falls and another waterfall located on Richard Road. Haverly Falls is more or less on private property. The owner of the property allowed me to photograph Haverly Falls and he was a gentleman. This is a beautiful waterfall. I did not get a chance to approach the falls at a close range. Haverly Falls is simply amazing.

We then drove up Richard Road. Alongside the roadway is a sloping waterfall that travels into a wild and uncut ravine. It is rugged and several mini waterfalls and pools can be found at the bottom. The hike down is perhaps a 1/4 mile from the dirt road. It was hot on this day and the bottom of the ravine seemed at least 10 degrees cooler.

Creamery Falls

The waterfall to the left is found alongside the roadway on Route 30 between the border of Blenheim and North Blenheim across from the Blenheim House.

I found this waterfall (2006) while driving to the Blenheim Covered Bridge from Minekill State Park (where Minekill Falls is located). At the time I did not know the name of the falls.

(Update: In 2008 I purchased Russell Dunn’s Mohawk Region Waterfall Guide and from that book I was able to ascertain the proper name of the waterfall. It’s name is Creamery Falls.)

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