Platte Clove Memorial and Ledge

June 28, 2007

Article was updated on June 28, 2007

A short walk from the Devils Kitchen parking area brings you to the steep ravine of Platte Clove. Many people have perished and have fallen to their demise in this area of Platte Clove.

The photo below shows a Platte Clove waterfall which is taller than Plattekill Falls. Plattekill Falls is easily reached by a well maintained trail. Platte Clove is home to many waterfalls many of which is difficult to ascend too from the upper sections of Platte Clove and even from the lower sections of Platte Clove. The other photo shows an meaningful unmarked memorial near Devils Kitchen.

Below are images from other days that show wrecks found within the depths of Platte Clove and the unmarked memorial losing it cross.

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