Creamery Falls

July 26, 2007

Article was updated on July 26, 2007

On my way to the Blenheim Covered Bridge I stopped and revisited the spot where I have taken one of my favorite Catskill Region waterfall photo. The waterfall is Creamery Falls and it is located in Blenheim, New York. The water-flow of Creamery Falls and it’s creek at this time is far less than on previous trip last summer in 2006. On this trip to Creamery Falls I climbed the first tier and found a natural-like amphitheater at the top tier of the Creamery Falls.

Photo 1- The lower section of the two tier waterfall.
Photo 2- The upper section of the two-tiered waterfall.
Photo 3- Alongside the waterfall is an indentation taller enough to stand in.


A favorite photo of mine from Creamery Falls taken on a different date.

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