July 28, 2007

Article was updated on December 27, 2020

There are certain views across the Catskills that are breath taking. As I drive by things I always say that would be a great image. But I am driving by at 55mph… sometimes a little slower sometimes a little faster. But do I have time to stop and focus and bracket and correctly expose and take out the tripod. In the past it would have required some time… in the digital agae it requires last time.
One this day in which I have driven by myself and have been a passenger in both the front and back seat when I was younger with my mother many times been. I also enjoyed this viewed whether from the driver seat, passenger seat, or back seat.
I have driven this area several times recently and finally stopped this day on this. I stopped and took my photos and then moved along. I took snap shots- nothing out of the ordinary. Stopped the car and took the camera out.
As I look back at these photos that I took in 2007. It is 2013- 6 years later. I remember the day and the photos. But I do not remember where I traveled too or where I was going. Was it because of a detour caused by construction? I don’t remember. But I am happy I did stop on this day at this location. Did I focus and bracket and correctly expose and take out the tripod. I don’t know. I did stop and take a photo. I took several photos and took in the view that I normally just drive by and enjoy for a few seconds.

Gilboa is a town in Schoharie County, New York.

First and second photo taken at the edge of a thunder storm near sunset on Route 990v. Third photo was taken on Stryker Road.

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