1. Is red falls still able to be swam in??
    Is it private property and if you go there will they give you a real hard time? do they check to see if people are there alot??? i want to go back so bad and now im hearing all this stuff… please get in touch.. thanx

    1. I do not know if Red Falls can be swam in at this point. I do know that parking is very restrictive now as there are many new ‘No Parking’ signs in the vicinity of Red Falls. I have been told that the new ‘No Parking’ areas have been enforced with parking tickets.

  2. I’d also like to know this- it seems EVERY beautiful swimming hole in NY gets closed!!!!! You’re only allowed to “look” at these places and they make it even impossible to do that!! I’d take the parking ticket, and the “swimming in a no-swimming zone” citation just to do it…

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