Stony Clove Notch

October 6, 2008

Article was updated on October 6, 2008

Stony Clove Notch is a narrow pass, roughly 2,220 feet in elevation located in the Town of Hunter in Greene County, New York, deep in the Catskill Mountains. Stony Clove Notch is traversed by New York State Route 214. In the past the Ulster and Delaware Railroad traveled through Stony Clove Notch as well. (Wikipedia- Stony Clove Notch)

In the photo below a black SUV passes Notch Lake as it travels north on Route 214 through Stony Clove Notch.

Devil’s Tombstone is located in a rugged mountain pass in the Catskill Mountains called Stony Clove. It has been said that Stony Clove was a favorite haunt of the Devil during the early days in settlement of the Catskills. One object closely associated with the Devil still survives in the campground, it is the Devil’s Tombstone. The tombstone is a large boulder, approximately seven feet by five, which was probably carried down the mountain many centuries ago by a landslide or glacier.

Devil’s Tombstone is one of the oldest New York State campgrounds. It is a small primitive campground with wooded sites and a small shallow lake, Notch Lake. (

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