Devils Kitchen and Platte Clove

May 31, 2009

The top 2 photos of my father help show the size of the boulders and steepness of the mountain side in Devils Kitchen.
The third photo shows the Devils Kitchen 100 year old bridge with the waterfall found underneath.

This particular photo of mine was inspired by a fantastic photographer named Vincent Bilotta. After shooting this photo– it inspired me to take this photo.

Vincent Bilotta has some amazing photographs of the Catskills and his photography has made me look at locations and trails differently.

Pictures from a decent into lower Platte Clove from Devils Kitchen.
The water flow in Devils Kitchen appeared to be significantly less than on the previous visit two weeks ago.
This visit my father and I walked under the stone bridge. I also traveled into the ravine known as Hells Hole.

My father can be seen in the top photo on the right side.
I like the second photo because of the natural growth and overall composition of the image.
The third photo showcases how steep Platte Clove can be.

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