Platte Clove Road Sign

May 31, 2009

This is a simple snapshot of a road sign on the top potion of Platte Clove Road. I have taken previous photos of this area in years past to show how the warnings about Platte Clove Road have been addressed. In this particular photo I notice that the sign has a dent. I wonder if kids damage or attempt to take these signs.

Platte Clove Road

This temporary construction sign was placed to side of Platte Clove Road near the stone bridge located at Devils Kitchen. While it warned of a detour several miles ahead, it was no where near Platte Clove. It did bring back memories of when Platte Clove Road was closed for about a month in 2008 due to construction and one had to drive a different route altogether.

Platte Clove Road Construction Sign

Platte Clove Road Construction Sign

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