Bastion Falls

July 30, 2009

While driving along the moving roadside landscape of Route 23, it almost seemed as if life was “photoshoped”. I see the grass is exceedingly green, the roadway slick as if used in a car commercial, and the sky is deep blue. There has been a tremendous quantity of rainfall in the Catskill Region causing roads to fail and creeks to pour out and flood over. After one heavy rain shower of many in recent weeks- Route 23 was closed because of a slope failure along the roadway. A mound of dirt standing nearly 30 feet high was trucked into the area the following day to fix this potion of Route 23.

I made a trip to Kaaterskill Falls during a break from all the rain. Many cars driving along the “Horseshoe Bend” on Route 23A slowed down to glimpse Bastion Falls in its surging splendor. The people in the cars snapped photos enthusiastically from their windows of Bastion Falls. The flow of the roadside waterfall is incredibly strong. Seasonal waterfalls normally dry this time of year have sprung to life in the Catskills.

As I walked to the trail of Kaaterskill Falls along the roadway of Route 23 and then stood on the stairway of stones that mark the beginning of the trail to the tallest waterfall in New York State I spoke to a single hiker making the return trip from Kaaterskill Falls. The hiker stated a woman was frantic after thinking her kids were sweep away from the sheer force of the creek. The hiker and his wife searched for the 2 kids as the woman cried thinking the most horrible. It turned out the kids were only full of energy and marched ahead of their Mother racing to Kaaterskill Falls to see the grand prize- after speaking to another hiker behind the first.

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