An Oldsmobile lays within Platte Clove

We entered Platte Clove Road from the bottom by car. I then descended by foot into Platte Clove.

July 30, 2009

We entered Platte Clove Road from the bottom by car. For being a beautiful summer day there were no cars parked at Becker Road. On days such as this in the past years there would be sometimes a dozen and half cars parked as the people enjoyed the local swimming holes of Lower Platte Clove. The reasons for the lack of parked cars are the recent additions of restrictive “No Parking” signs. To assist with the signs are big boulders and rocks on the shoulder of the road that have been newly added to block people from parking their cars at Platte Clove.

As we continued up Platte Clove Road we quickly noticed many of the seasonal waterfalls were full of life. Water was dripping off many of the rocks. In some cases the water was pouring off. On one of the several vehicle pull offs of Platte Clove Road we parked safely and got out to explore one of the seasonal water falls located in Platte Clove.

I descended by foot into Platte Clove from the road and found an abandon car probably from an unfortunate accident.

Earth, rocks, weeds have encompassed the car. The car appears to be at one with Platte Clove.

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