Trip Report 2009: Photography

December 31, 2009

Article was updated on December 31, 2009

My favorite photographs from 2009:

1- Kaaterskill Falls Trail

2- Kaaterskill Falls

3- Kaaterskill Falls Trail- A nice simple serene scene from the trail.

Kaaterskill Falls

4- Devils Kitchen- I like the series of photos I took on this day from Devils Kitchen. View the post to see the other photos. I think these 3 photos really help show the beauty of Devils Kitchen.

Devils Kitchen
Devils Kitchen
Devils Kitchen
5- Grand Gorge along Route 23- Picking number 5 was difficult. I have driven past this spot hundreds of times (maybe even over a thousand times). I always have wanted to take a photograph and have often tried to take a photograph of this spot. I never was able to translate through my lens what I saw physically. The image below has been my best attempt to date. I know I will take more photos from this location. The location is taken from Route 23 as you past the entrance sign to Grand Gorge.

Photography Honorable Mention:

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