Main Street/ Route 23 (Stamford, NY)

July 26, 2010

Article was updated on January 20, 2021

A photograph analysis of similar photos taken at the same location many years apart. The top photo was taken in 2010 by CatskillSearch. The bottom photo was taken by Bob Wyer around the years of 1963/1964. The bottom image was used on a postcard. It was scanned by CatskillSearch for reference/historic purposes.

The amazing similarity between the photos are the 3 cars parked on the left and the car heading towards the photograph. It is very similar without purpose intent by CatskillSearch. The first object that is noticeably the same in both photos is the fire hydrant.  The door on the far left bottom has changed but it appears there still is a light above each door. The trees have significantly changed along the roadway. There is no longer a tree by the fire hydrant and 2 trees have been added where the 3 cars are parked. Main Street is currently lined with double yellow as opposed to a single white line.

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