U&D Railroad: Kaaterskill Branch

August 5, 2010

Article was updated on January 10, 2021

CatskillSearch explored the Ulster & Delaware Railroad ROW from South Lake to the U&D abutment located on the east side of Laurel House Road. This abutment helped form the crossing of the U&D Railroad over Spruce Creek.

South Lake is located in the North South Lake Campgrounds of the Catskills. This walk crossed Schutt Road. A previous posting of CatskillSearch showcased a caboose that is located at the end of Schutt Road. (Historic Note: Peter Schutt was the original founder and builder of the Laurel House.) VIEW LINK: ULSTER & DELAWARE RAILROAD CABOOSE

CatskillSearch stood on the top of the eastern side of  U&D Railroad abutment that crossed Spruce Creek in regards to this outing. On a previous outing we stood below and on the west side abutment of the crossing of Spruce Creek. VIEW LINK- LAUREL HOUSE ROAD

It also should be noted CatskillSearch spoke with a young artist very recently who was painting along Spruce Creek. The artist was Palden Hamilton. (VIEW LINK: PALDEN HAMILTON)

Spruce Creek is the waterway that accumulates the waterflow over the famed Kaaterskill Falls (VIEW LINK- KAATERSKILL FALLS)

More information below about the U&D Kaaterskill Railroad Station:

The Kaaterskill Railroad Station, branch MP 19.1, was one of the busiest railroad stations on the branch lines of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad (U&D). It was near the banks of South Lake in Kaaterskill, NY, and was a major stop for people who wished to stay at the Hotel Kaaterskill or the Catskill Mountain House, which was 0.93 miles from the station.

It was left to fall apart until it was consumed by fire in the 1960s. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Google Map below is an aerial image of the area explored. It is interesting because as it currently appears the ROW of both the U&D and C&T can still be observed in several distinct areas.

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