Giant Ledge

August 9, 2010

Giant Ledge

This hike is approx 1.5 miles one way (round trip is 3 miles maybe more depending on how well you explore Giant Ledge).

Several places report this hike as easy.  It is more difficult than many let on.  Most of the trail is very rocky and does require some uphill hiking.

Wear proper shoes. Bring water. Bring a snack (i.e orange, banana to enjoy on the ledge before the track down).

Vehicle Directions:

The Giant Ledge parking area is located on County Route 47 which is about 7 miles south of State Route 28. The parking area is located on a giant hairpin turn that can not be missed while driving. There is a portable toilet located in the parking area.

Photo Gallery of the hike to Giant Ledge:

The photo gallery is in approx reverse order from the top of Giant Ledge to the trail register at the beginning of the hike.


There are several waypoints added for a better description of the Giant Ledge hike. Also, there are several more lookouts on Giant Ledge than the tracklog travels too. From most current accounts the very first lookout that is reached is the best view. Remember the hike is over 3 miles and can be very rocky in several areas.

Approx Measurements along Giant Ledge Trail:

0.0m – Start of the Giant Ledge trail from the parking area
400 feet – Trail Register
0.58m – The rocky trail along with the Giant Ledge accent
0.75m – The actual start of the Giant Ledge trail
1.34m – Giant Ledge Spring
1.5m – Giant Ledge: There are several lookout points along Giant Ledge. The first lookout point by current accounts is the best. However, because of current vegetation growth, this could change. Explore Giant Ledge.

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