Main Street/ Route 23 (Stamford NY)

August 10, 2010

Article was updated on January 20, 2021

A photograph analysis of similar photos taken at the same location many years apart. The top photo was taken in 2010 by CatskillSearch. The bottom photo in 1950 (circa).

The ‘Diner’ location as photographed in the 1950s was later called Leo’s (diner) and was  a very popular spot in in early 1990s.

The bakery that was photographed in the 1950s was also a deli and coffee local in the first decade of the 21 first century (which is over 50 years later).

As of 2010 the diner and the bakery are no longer in business.

The diner that was open for many years is now a real estate office with many offerings throughout the area. The bakery that still holds the same arm-bar for a sign is currently for sale and not in business. There is a motel that now stands between the two buildings which currently appears to be out of business. The newer photo has 11 trees gone.

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