The Belvedere (Stamford NY)

August 10, 2010

The Belvedere

A photograph analysis of similar photos taken at the same location many years apart. The top photo was taken in 2010 by CatskillSearch.

The Belvedere is open and located on 10 Academy Street Stamford NY. It’s website is located at:

From the Belvedere website:

The Belvedere was dormant for many years until 1967 when the Gibbons family purchased the hotel. Now with a continuous program of renovations and updates, the Belvedere Country Inn & Restaurant offers country inn hospitality, ambiance and that “welcome home again” friendship and camaraderie of a by gone era.

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  1. The Belvedere – though it may have been–in 1967, in the throes of renovations, upgrades, etc.–HARDLY offers hospitality, ambiance and that “welcome home again” friendship and camaraderie of a by gone era. In 2012, the website is quite misleading–starting with the fact that there is NO restaurant–it was closed years ago due to lack of customers. I can completely understand that there are no customers because the Innkeepers are rude and hostile! When I called to make the reservation, I was asked why we were coming to Stamford and when I mentioned that we will be visiting our boys at a nearby camp, as soon as the woman realized it was a Jewish camp, her attitude and tone completely changed. Nevertheless, when we arrived and entered the lobby (a “balmy” 86 degrees, as suggested on my iPhone), she couldn’t figure out who we were–despite her notes right in front of her.. When I asked if there was air conditioning in the rooms, she became indignant and insisted “it gets cool at night” (mind you–it was 90 degrees outside and it was already past 10:00pm. When I told her I was surprised that this was never mentioned, she said this is because it is a “Country Inn”. I politely mentioned that their website is misleading–indicating there is a restaurant with “dishes to die for”, as well as no indication of the lack of air conditioning. At that point, she told me they don’t manage the website and if we didn’t like it we should leave. Dumbfounded, my husband said “excuse me?”. The woman called her husband to the desk and he said in the rudest possible way–“GO HOME…GO POUND SALT!” Hospitality my ..a**!!

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