Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to (Tree and Rock Images)

A short walk to the Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to and the stream that forms Black Chasm.

September 16, 2010

A short walk to the Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to and the stream that forms Black Chasm. We started at the Platte Clove Preserve entrance and headed south on foot from the Platte Clove Road immediately passing a trail register sign-in. We proceed to cross the ‘King Post’ constructed bridge which was located in the Platte Clove Wilderness. The green marked hiking trail of the Platte Clove Preserve lasts for less than a mile before you enter into State Forest Preserve. While in the Platte Clove Preserve there are several interpretive signs that The Catskill Center installed to educate visitors and hikers of Platte Clove Preserve. These Platte Clove Preserve interpretive signs speak about the history of the area and help identify many of the common trees of the forest. At the New York State section, signs are present to alert you are entering State land and the trail markers change to blue. At the junction of Devil’s Path, we continued on the blue trail heading south. This brought us to the Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to. Along the way, we walked by many interesting large rocks and boulders, tree roots growing above ground and small quarries before reaching the Devil’s Kitchen Lean-to.

This trail further travels to Codfish Point and also Echo Lake on the yellow marked trail.

Below are some interesting tree and it’s root along with a large rock. When I first saw the tree I instantly recognized it from Catskill photographer Vincent  Bilotta photographs.

A huge rock formation along the blue trail. It is a huge rock in the ground suited like a tombstone for a giant. I thought it to be Hercules grave-site if Hercules was to have a grave.

Black and white images from Platte Clove Nature Preserve taken with the Nikkor 10.5 fisheye lens. Up and close on top of Plattekill Falls with an extreme wide angle lens. The first few images have an artistic abstract look with last few having a more natural look. The first few taken with the subject matter close to the lens.

Platte Clove Neighborhood Center

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