Boulder Rock and Boot Jack Rock

Both Walton Van Loan and Vly Rusk use an alternate spelling for Boulder Rock on their Catskill maps from the 1800s.

October 9, 2010

Boulder Rock

CatskillSearch had a late start to the day and our trip destination was Boulder Rock. Both Walton Van Loan and Vly Rusk use an alternate spelling for Boulder Rock on their Catskill maps from the 1800s- They use the spelling “Bowlder”. Earlier in the day we photographed the 360 degree view from the Mount Utsayantha Fire Tower (View the Mount Utsayantha Fire Tower 360 View).

We first explored around the area of the former site of  the Kaaterskill Railroad Station inside the North Lake South Lake Campground. The Kaaterskill Railroad Station was a stop on the Ulster & Delaware Railroad. We found nothing to note compared to our last visit to the former site of the Kaaterskill Railroad Station this year on August 5, 2010.

We then continued to Boulder Rock on foot from the North Lake parking area passing the former site of the Catskill Mountain House.

On the return trip to the former Catskill Mountain House site from Boulder Rock it was nearly dark as the sun was near finished for the day. We encountered a bear just below the trailhead for the blue and red marked trail. This bear was much smaller than the bear that crossed our path on May 27, 2010 while hiking back from the former site of the Hotel Kaaterskill. However we were much closer this time to the bear. The bear also seemed just as startled to see someone and just ran off in the opposite direction after just a few seconds of the encounter.

The view from postcards and drawings of Boulder Rock from the past years are impressive. However there is much vegetation growth and there is almost no view of the Hudson Valley from the ledge where Boulder Rock is located.

Boot Jack Rock

Boot Jack Rock is located south of the former Catskill Mountain House. Boot Jack Rock and a rock located nearby to Boot Jack have pre-Civil War engravings.

Notable occurrences in American History with the dates engraved by these visitors:

1850- Compromise of 1850

1857- Dred Scott v. Sanford

1858- Lincoln-Douglas Debates

1859- John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry

Boot Jack Rock

Boot Jack Rock- Engravings

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  1. You should’ve gone with the picture of Senior and Junior at Bootjack (taken by a helpful stranger)…

    Great site! I spent a lot of years with my brother and our sons wandering the Gettysburg battlefield looking for out of the way monuments, etc. (see ) so seeing you and your father taking such enjoyment over tracking this stuff down was great.

    The book I was talking about was David Stradling, Making Mountains: New York City and the Catskills (2007).

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