Mount Utsayantha Sunset over Stamford

July 8, 2011

Article was updated on January 9, 2021

Decided to drive to Mount Utsayantha as the clouds looked very lovely throughout the day. I arrived at the top of Mount Utsayantha about 30 minutes before this particular image was taken and started to photograph the sunset over Stamford. All the photos prior to this image looked good and I was happy. I packed up the camera.

I was already back at the car when the rosy light appeared and gazed over Stamford. The Thomas Cole sundown lasted a few minutes. I stepped back to the overlook and was able to photograph several images before the light watchfully dissipated allowing the stars to sparkle through the ever-moving clouds.

The photograph showcases an up-and-close personal portrait of Stamford as seen from Mount Utsayantha. Many of the known business buildings can be observed and named. Also the local cemetery is observed in the bottom of the image.

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