Platte Clove Road and Plaat Clove

We called it the “Mountain Road”.

November 2, 2011

Article was updated on January 16, 2021

This post shows photos from Platte Clove (Plaat Clove) and Platte Clove Road (Platt Clove Road also known CR Route 16- Greene County). The names and spellings of this area get a bit confusing. Scroll down and look at the bottom photo of a warning sign that was taken in Ulster County. It refers to this road as ‘Plattecove Mountain Road’. Note that ‘cove’ was used and not ‘clove’. And it further refers to the road as ‘Mountain Road’. For many years I and my family also referred to this road as the “Mountain Road” but never ‘Plattecove’ before that. It was our nickname/ vernacular for the road that traveled through this rough and the steep area of the Catskills. We called it the “Mountain Road”. Also back in 2008 CatskillSearch uploaded a GPS tracklog and called the post Platte Clove Mountain Road. GPS LINK

As I understand the meaning of ‘Clove’ in its simplest form it is Dutch meaning ‘steep ravine’. I read that several years ago when I began to explore and photograph parts of the Catskills.

This post details several photographs taken in about a 30 minute time span. The very first photo (that is below) as I understand showcases the waterfall known as’ Bridal Veil Falls’. I parked at what I have called the “Devils Kitchen Parking Area”. It should be noted the property on the north side is currently for sale. The website for more information regarding this property can be found at this OUTSIDE LINK. It is also showcased on other sites. The asking price was over a million dollars when I looked several months ago. Real Estate Link Page

After I parked at the “Devils Kitchen Parking Area” I walked south to take the first photo. The photograph shows Bridal Veil Falls. CatskillSearch has stood at the top of Bridal Veil Falls several times in the past. It is documented and most notably photographed in a 360 degree image located at this CATSKILLSEARCH LINK. I also took a very nice photograph of this waterfall at this CATSKILLSEARCH LINK. Bridal Veil Falls is very high and it is very dangerous.

Prior to taking the photo of Bridal Veil Falls I walked past this currently unnamed memorial. I documented this memorial in a photograph in 2007 when it was a cross. Someone recently placed a yellow ribbon in remembrance around the upwards recently.

The third photo in this Platte Clove series is the classic view from the bend in the road. I have memories back to the late 1970s when I first viewed across this ravine known as Platte Clove. Depending on the rain fall amounts several distinct waterfalls can be observed. In this particular photo I believe Bridal Veil Falls can be observed in the shadow area.

The next photo includes the “Stop” sign which is found at the top section of the “Mountain Road” which is located in Greene County. It is the belief of CatskillSearch that the Platte Clove Road signs located in both Ulster and Greene County remained very similar for many years. However in the very recent years the signs and location of signs have changed. These photos were taken November 2 when Platte Clove Road was officially closed. Last year there was a second stop sign on the left side.

Photograph taken from the bottom of Platte Clove and the location of the photograph is most likely in Ulster County.

Large rocks, extra guard rails, and a lot of signs have been added in recent years to stop people from parking from the now popular area known as “Platte Clove”.

Four “No Parking Any Time” signs can be seen in this photo taken from the bottom of the “Mountain Road” located in Ulster County. Photo was taken just beyond Becker Road. This section of road is open year round.

This sign located in Ulster County may or may not have a error or may have several errors. ‘PLATTECOVE MT. ROAD’

In recent years Platte Clove has seen a significant increase in name recognition and therefore has seen increased traffic. It is the belief that Greene County, Ulster County, and New York State are not very sure how to proceed with this increased traffic. And that is the reason for the constant changes in the traffic, road, and parking signs.

CatskillSearch first visited the area in the mid 1970’s.

USGS Map from 1892 (United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey)

The USGS 1892 map shows the area around “Mountain Road” as be named Plattekill Clove.

USGS 2010

The USGS 2010 appears to call the “Mountain Road” which is the seasonal section “Platt Clove Road” and area around the road as Plattekill Clove. The upper section beyond the seasonal road closed signs the road is named “Platte Clove Road”.


Google appears to call the road “Platte Clove Road” throughout.


MapQuest has 2 different spellings: Plaat Clove Road and Platte Clove Road.


Platte Clove at Wikipedia

Platte Clove at Google Maps

Plaat Clove at MapQuest

Note: My Delorme Atlas more closely resembles the MapQuest naming than Google Maps.

Plattekill Falls 360 (

Platte Clove Mountain Road GPS Tracklog (CatskillSearch)

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