Pratt Rock

A quick hike to the top of Pratt Rock from Route 23.

November 4, 2011

A quick hike to the top of Pratt Rock from Route 23. I took a lot of photos along the trail to the top of Pratt Rock. One photo taken from this outing is similar to a photograph taken in July 2009. The two photographs from Pratt Rock taken from 2011 and 2009 are displayed below.

Hurricane Irene and her floods caused a lot of destruction to the Catskills especially to the town of Prattsville NY. The man made pile of debris from Hurricane Irene found along Route 23 can be observed in the recent photo from Pratt Rock. (top photo below)

As seen in the top photo taken from Pratt Rock the flooding of Schoharie Creek caused damage to the surrounding fields of Schohaire Creek and Batavia Creek. Batavia Creek can observed running into Schoharie Creek in the middle of the photograph where the line of trees have no leaves.

Batavia Creek is the waterway that washed out and destroyed a large section of Route 23 near Red Falls just a few miles away.

The image below is similar to the image above but it was taken in July 2009.

Man-made pile of debris from Hurricane Irene sits along Route 23 near the junction of Route 23A near Prattsville NY. The pile sadly nearly duplicates the line of the mountain range behind it. This debris can be observed from Pratt Rock as seen in the top photo.

The photo below shows the ongoing construction of Route 23 even in a nor’easter which occurred on October 27, 2011. Red Falls is seen in the middle of the photo and the waterway that caused this damaged is named Batavia Creek.

Roundtop Mountain, Bearpen Mountain, Bearpen Mountain State Forest, Route 23, Prattsville, Greene County.

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