Nissen Bridge (Washed away by Irene)

The Nissen Bridge was washed away like other bridges in the area during the flooding caused by Hurricane Irene in 2011.

August 2, 2013

Article was updated on January 10, 2021

Nissen Bridge was built in 1895 and it crossed the Esopus Creek in Boiceville, NY. 1 The bridge was washed away like other bridges in the area during the flooding caused by Hurricane Irene in 2011. Many of those bridges destroyed by Hurricane Irene were still in use by the public. Nissen Bridge while still erect was closed to all forms of transportation when it was literally taken away by the flood of Hurricane Irene.

The picture below shows the current imagery where Nissen Bridge formerly crossed over the Esopus Creek at Nissen Road near to Route 28. In the other photo as one can observe the GPS device needs to be updated. Thankfully there is a guard rail blocking one from driving their car from Nissen Road into the Esopus Creek. A car probably does not float as well as a tube rented from the Town Tinker Tube Rental.

At this time it is unknown to the photographer exactly when Nissen Bridge was officially closed to all traffic prior to its demised by Hurricane Irene. It was closed to the public well before the floods of Hurricane Irene devastated many parts of the Catskills. The roadway that can be seen in the photograph on the other side of the creek is called Nissen Lane. The photograph was taken from Nissen Road near to Route 28.

The Red Cross and the Salvation Army perform wonders for so many people for so many reasons. Please donate to either cause or any cause that helped people affected by Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy. Rebuilding is still taking place today.

This website also posts a lot about the former Ulster and Delaware Railroad that formerly ran through the Catskills. For the “railroad people” the checkered line on the GPS photo is the former ROW (right of way) of that railroad. Former Cold Brook Station of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad is located near to Nissen Lane that is found on the other side of the creek. Wikipedia- Cold Brook Station. CatskillSearch. / CatskillSearch 2010 Photograph of Cold Brook Station

The best way to cross the Esopus Creek to see the former Cold Brook Station from this location is to drive just a further south on Route 28 and make a right on New York City Road. Then make the first right onto Cold Brook Road.

Below is photo taken of Nissen Bridge in 2010. View original post from 2010.

Nissen Bridge

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene it is unclear what exactly happen to Nissen Bridge. In the case of Bush Bridge that spanned the Schohaire Creek it was clear according to Google Maps. Bush Bridge was knocked off its abutments and its metal frame laid to rest nearby on the banks of the Schohaire Creek.

View CatskillSearch post from 5/20/2012.

Bush Road Bridge/ Schoharie Creek
Bush Bridge

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