Hells Hole Creek in the Catskills

A photo narrative and tale from Hells Hole Creek located in the Devils Kitchen section of the Catskill Mountains.

June 26, 2022

Article was updated on June 28, 2022

The sun was setting and the rain storm had just ended as I walked north from the 100-year-old stone bridge following Hells Hole Creek. As the woods grew darker, I began to hear the sound of rushing water ahead of me, and soon came to a beautiful cascading waterfall. I climbed up the rocks to get a better view. I stood for a while admiring the sight, letting the cool mist from the falls refresh me. Lost in thought, I didn’t hear her coming until she spoke- “Beautiful, isn’t it?”.

It was a warm spring day, she packed up her car and set out north for Platte Clove. The road to the top was narrower than she expected, but that only made the drive more exciting. She wound her way through the many twists and turns of the mountain road, enjoying the quick glance views of the valley below. She reached the top, pulled her car into the parking area, and got out to take in the surroundings. She caught her first glimpse of Devil’s Kitchen and started down the trail, excited to explore, taking care with each step.

Devils Kitchen
Devils Kitchen 360
Devils Kitchen

Two boulders stood side by side like brother and sister. They had been together through time, weathering the storms and basking in the sun. The girl came upon the two boulders looking at them in wonder. She loved nature and found peace in being surrounded by it. The girl smiled and reached out to touch the moss. It was soft and cool under her fingers. She felt a sense of peace settle over her, and she knew that she would always remember this place. This was now her favorite spot in the world. No one could find her here, and she loved that.

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