“The Longer Way Home”

Took the longer way home today and explored several road side attractions/ places for possible future photo exploration. The gallery includes photographs of various places from Jefferson and North Harpersfield. Hillhaven Farms is located in Stamford, NY at the intersection

South Gilboa Construction

Construction continues in South Gilboa along Route 23. The original building which was a hardware store for many years burned to the ground after a vehicle crashed into it from Route 23. Past photos from the location. During construction the

The Westholm (Stamford, NY)

“Bring this lavish paragon back to its former glory. This irreplaceable piece of history was built in 1890, during the time when Stamford’s many grand hotels flourished with tourists for social gatherings and entertainment.”

Devils Kitchen

Devils Kitchen is great spot especially after a lot of rain. The water runs strong and everything is green. The top photo is my father standing on top of a Devils Kitchen boulder. The middle photo shows the path down