Great American

The Great American Market in Prattsville- Several years back just outside Prattsville along 23 there was a monster truck rally. I took this photo to detail the artwork that was used to advertise the event as the wall may be


At Shokan (Former site of Olive) on Route 28 there are many remnants (some new and some old) from the Catskill railroads.

Catskill Scenic Trail

As of the date of the photo the farm behind the sign is currently on the market for 160,000 dollars. The farm covers 10 acres. Much of this property borders the Catskill Scenic Trail in South Gilboa. . A photograph

Lower Platte Clove

A short hike into Lower Platte Clove. As seen in the photos below the waterfalls found inside Platte Clove are very strong with waterflow. With this trip I noticed a huge pile of rocks (slate) that lay in Platte Clove.