Giant Ledge

This hike is approx 1.5 miles one way (round trip is 3 miles maybe more depending on how well you explore Giant Ledge). Several places report this hike as easy.  It is more difficult than many let on.  Most of

Spruce Creek Dam (Kaaterskill Falls)

The Laurel House (1852-1967) acquired the water rights to Spruce Creek and dammed it during tourist season, charging spectators below the falls a fee to watch as the waters were unleashed and the falls “turned on”. (Link: Wikipedia- Kaaterskill Falls)

Devils Kitchen

Devils Kitchen is great spot especially after a lot of rain. The water runs strong and everything is green. The top photo is my father standing on top of a Devils Kitchen boulder. The middle photo shows the path down

Lower Platte Clove

A short hike into Lower Platte Clove. As seen in the photos below the waterfalls found inside Platte Clove are very strong with waterflow. With this trip I noticed a huge pile of rocks (slate) that lay in Platte Clove.

Catskill & Tannersville Railway

Update: The Ulster & Delaware Railroad and the Catskill & Tannersville Railway tracks are very close to each other in this area of the Catskills. The now dismantled railroad bridges for each railroad would have been about 100 feet from

Devils Kitchen and Platte Clove

The top 2 photos of my father help show the size of the boulders and steepness of the mountain side in Devils Kitchen. The third photo shows the Devils Kitchen 100 year old bridge with the waterfall found underneath. This

Stony Clove Notch

Stony Clove Notch is a narrow pass, roughly 2,220 feet in elevation located in the Town of Hunter in Greene County, New York, deep in the Catskill Mountains. Stony Clove Notch is traversed by New York State Route 214. In