Tribute in Light 2010

The image below was taken on September 11, 2010 from the Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn. The upwards lights shining high from lower Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge is the Tribute in Light. Each beam of light represents a tower

Bastion Falls

While driving along the moving roadside landscape of Route 23, it almost seemed as if life was “photoshoped”. I see the grass is exceedingly green, the roadway slick as if used in a car commercial, and the sky is deep

Devils Kitchen

Devils Kitchen is great spot especially after a lot of rain. The water runs strong and everything is green. The top photo is my father standing on top of a Devils Kitchen boulder. The middle photo shows the path down

Lower Platte Clove

A short hike into Lower Platte Clove. As seen in the photos below the waterfalls found inside Platte Clove are very strong with waterflow. With this trip I noticed a huge pile of rocks (slate) that lay in Platte Clove.

Kaaterskill Falls

After a long hiatus, I returned to Kaaterskill Falls. I can not believe it was that long between visits. I was very impressed with Plattekill Falls strong water flow just days before and thought about how Kaaterskill Falls water flow


There are certain views across the Catskills that are breath taking. As I drive by things I always say that would be a great image. But I am driving by at 55mph… sometimes a little slower sometimes a little faster.