Kaaterskill Falls and Bastion Falls

Kaaterskill Falls in late August of 2010 has strong water flow because of the recent weather pattern of rain over the Catskills. On this particular day the entire area and trail to Kaaterskill Falls was wet. Kaaterskill Falls Information: Kaaterskill

Spruce Creek Dam (Kaaterskill Falls)

The Laurel House (1852-1967) acquired the water rights to Spruce Creek and dammed it during tourist season, charging spectators below the falls a fee to watch as the waters were unleashed and the falls “turned on”. (Link: Wikipedia- Kaaterskill Falls)

Kaaterskill Falls

After a long hiatus, I returned to Kaaterskill Falls. I can not believe it was that long between visits. I was very impressed with Plattekill Falls strong water flow just days before and thought about how Kaaterskill Falls water flow