U&D Railroad: Kaaterskill Branch

CatskillSearch explored the Ulster & Delaware Railroad ROW from South Lake to the U&D abutment located on the east side of Laurel House Road. This abutment helped form the crossing of the U&D Railroad over Spruce Creek. South Lake is

Cold Brook Railroad Station

Cold Brook Station, MP 22.1, was built by the U&D about 1900. It replaced an earlier flagstop at Cold Brook Bridge, MP 22.38. After the flooding of the Ashokan Reservoir, six stations were submerged forever, and one of these was the

Fleischmann’s Railroad Station

From Wikipedia (Source): The station at Fleischmann’s, MP 44.1 of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad, was originally called Griffin’s Corners Station, as that was the town’s original name. It was situated on a hill high above the busy town, and,