Bastion Falls

While driving along the moving roadside landscape of Route 23, it almost seemed as if life was “photoshoped”. I see the grass is exceedingly green, the roadway slick as if used in a car commercial, and the sky is deep

Minekill Falls

This was my second trip to Minekill Falls. My first trip was last year though we did not walk to the bottom where the falls were located. Even though it is a short walk to the bottom; the park area

Diamond Notch Falls

I revisited Diamond Notch Falls on May 25, 2007. The drive to the falls was simple and open. The short easy hike to falls was open but a bit muddy. Unfortunately at the falls a large tree has fallen on

Haverly Falls and Creamery Falls

After speaking with a local farmer from Bleinheim- he directed us to Haverly Falls and another waterfall located on Richard Road. Haverly Falls is more or less on private property. The owner of the property allowed me to photograph Haverly